Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Nightmare On Elm Street Week Day Two : A Nightmare On Elm Street

Welcome to day two of A Nightmare on Elm Street Week. This is where the marathon begins.

I'm about to turn on the first instalment of the Nightmare on Elm Street movie series. Once I have finished watching it, I'll return to this page and write about what it felt like seeing the film again after all these years.


I first watched this film in the summer of 1987 and - at a guess - I reckon it must have been around twenty years since I've last seen it.

I remember the main plot and most of the key scenes. I also recall that this was the first film I saw Johnny Depp star in. He sure has gone a long way since filming this.

It's funny how Depp ended up being involved in another thing I enjoyed from my childhood - 21 Jump Street.

With that said, I didn't recall that he was one of the main stars in A Nightmare on Elm Street until I happened to watch it once I had grown out of the Freddy phase.

This film was released in 1984. That's twenty-nine years ago. It's crazy to think, isn't it?

I can't really say whether the movie has held up over time. The acting was patchy in parts, the special effects were up-and-down in certain scenes as well.

It does have the old horror movie feel to it. I hardly ever watch horror films these days but I would bet that these tropes have been - pardon the pun - done to death and are either used as a parody or not at all.

I've always remembered this film to be the most serious one in the franchise. You can tell just by looking at how the killer is named 'Fred' throughout.

It wasn't until the next set of movies that he becomes a wisecracking character. This coincides with his name being dumbed down to 'Freddy'.In my opinion, it also coincided with the film makers realising how much of a moneymaker they had on their hands with the public reaction to the first film.

I am surprised with how much I remember. I could even recall the lines right before they were said.

Despite there being moments where things looked dated, I did enjoy watching the film again. I won't go back and watch it frequently, though.

Check back tomorrow to see my reaction to a re-viewing A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 : Freddy's Revenge

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