Saturday, September 07, 2013

My Thoughts On Wentworth Prison After Two Episodes

I have watched the first two episodes of the new Channel 5 series, Wentworth Prison, and I think it is quite good.

So far.

The series is a 're imaging' of Prisoner (or Prisoner : Cell Block H as it was titled over here) and follows the story of Bea Smith who has been imprisoned after attempting to murder her abusive husband.

For those who used to watch the original Prisoner series, you'll no doubt remember the name Bea Smith.

There's also a modern-day version of Lizzie Birdsworth as well.

Lizzie was my favourite character of the original series. The 21st Century edition is only similar in name she comes across more like Judy Bryant.

Well - she does to me, anyway.

There may be other names from the old series but these two are the only ones I recall.

Another point of interest was a scene in the first episode that  paid homage to Prisoner. One of the inmates was singing the old theme tune. I thought that was clever.

At least they didn't pay homage by building a shaky set.

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