Thursday, September 26, 2013

Addressing The Wembley Super Bowl News Stories Head On

With the Pittsburgh Steelers playing the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday evening at Wembley Stadium, it didn't take long for the British news stories to resurface surrounding the possibility that Sunday's venue may one day host the Super Bowl.

It is the silliest suggestion ever and one that will never happen.

The Super Bowl is an American institution and - having the game played outside of the USA - would be the worst move the National Football League could ever make.

And that's just one factor working against such an idea.

It really does cause me to roll my eyes every time I hear this being brought up on the radio or in print. It'll never happen. Ever.

If the NFL really did want to accept bids from sites outside of its own country, it would have taken place in the Toronto area long before now.

With that story put to rest, It's time for me to address the London franchise one because we all know that's another one that will be covered this week.

A London franchise  is a good idea.

On paper.

Also won't happen.

I hate to be the pessimist because I love the NFL but I just cannot see how this would ever work.

It's okay for a game or two each year. Any more and you have over saturation.

NFL Europe, anyone?

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