Sunday, September 29, 2013


I read an article yesterday with a story about how some Chelsea fans are taking to Twitter to show their displeasure at Jose Mourinho's second reign in charge of the club.

Apparently, they are taking to the social networking site and venting with the hash-tag MourinhoOut.

Granted, the season has not started that well. I'm just not buying that the diehard Chelsea supporters would want Mourinho gone so soon.

It was only months ago that they were angry that Rafa Benitez was put in charge on an interim basis. They desperately wanted the return of their 'Special One'.

It seems too much of a contradiction that they would be unhappy after getting what they wanted.

Just yet.

I am not a Chelsea fan so I'm observing this situation from afar.

What I do know is the Blues fans are passionate. I doubt they're stupid enough to want rid of Mourinho this soon.

The Twitter stuff has to be non-Chelsea fans doing a wind-up, right?

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