Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Played Bingo & All I Got Was This Boredom

If you're a member of the online bingo community, I suggest closing your web browser now because I'm going to upset you.

Okay, now that they have gone - I can go on record and announce that online bingo is one of the most boring things I have done.


I signed up with a well-known bingo website the other day just to pass some time and take advantage of an offer they were giving to new customers.

I bought a few tickets for one game.

And then I sat there.

That's all.

How boring can one thing be?

My idea of bingo is you hear the caller announce the number, you then have to search for the number on your ticket and then mark it off.

In online bingo, the computer does it for you. I guess it's good in a way because it ensures that there aren't any mistakes during the game. Still, it's not something I enjoyed.

When I used to play poker, I found it enjoyable because it allowed me to think. I get that when I place sports bets, as well.

With bingo, all you do is pay and sit back and wait. In my opinion, it's not for me.

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