Monday, September 09, 2013

Goldust On Raw

World Wrestling Entertainment has announced that Goldust (Dustin Runnels) will return to Monday Night Raw tonight in order work a match against Randy Orton.

The bout was announced on social media over the weekend and is playing into the angle that ran last week which saw Triple H fire Runnels' stepbrother, Cody Rhodes.

The idea is to have Goldust come in and wrestle Orton with the stipulation that - if Orton loses - Cody Rhodes will be re-employed as long as he apologises.

To be honest, this angle does not do anything for me.

I know WWE are worried about the threat of NFL Monday Night Football returning and are looking for something newsworthy to attract an audience.

It's newsworthy but I can't see it doing much.

The only good I hope that will come of this is that Goldust will have his working boots on and do such a good job that he will get an opportunity to come back on a full-time basis.

He worked quite well when he last had a run in WWE so I hope things work out for him tonight.

As for Cody? He'll be back. He's just having time off to go on honeymoon so he has been written out in the meantime.

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