Sunday, September 22, 2013

Angelo Savoldi

Angelo Savoldi, an Italian-American professional wrestler, had a hall of fame career. His accomplishments include being inducted in the NWA Hall of Fame class of 2011 as well as one in New England. In the ring, he claimed five NWA World Junior Heavyweight championship wins.

Up until this past weekend, he was also the world's oldest wrestler.

Savoldi began wrestling in the 1930s and retired while working for the WWWF (now WWE) some time in the 1960s. As a trivia note, he was a minority partner in the WWWF along with people like Gorilla Monsoon and Vince McMahon, senior.

Savoldi and his sons remained involved with professional wrestling into the 1990s as they were founders of IWCCW (International World Class Championship Wrestling).

The company ran shows on the east coast of America but did get a deal to air its TV shows over here in the UK. I believe the company also released VHS tapes during the last boom period in professional wrestling. These cassettes featured stars working for the IWCCW who had gone on to bigger success in either WCW, WWE or ECW.

Savoldi was ninety-nine when he passed away.

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