Saturday, August 03, 2013

Who Is Going To Be The Next Doctor Who?

The BBC is going to reveal who the next Doctor Who is in a special live television show this Sunday evening.

As the revelation is a close guarded secret, betting websites have opened up a book on who will replace Matt Smith.

William Hill has quite a selection of names in the running. To me, they range from the 'very unlikely' all the way to the 'favourites'. In today's post, I'm going to throw a few of the names listed in the betting.

Jason Statham, Ewan McGregor, David Walliams and Chris Moyles all share the 100/1 bracketing. As the odds indicate, I class these under the 'very unlikely'.

Other unlikely candidates in the field are; Miranda Hart, Simon Pegg, Russell Brand (how about Jonathan Ross as his assistant?), Rhys Ifans and Hugh Grant.

Interesting names in the running, but ones I doubt are: David Tennant to return, Benedict Cumberbatch and the man who I think would be perfect for the slot - Idris Elba.

The problem with Elba is he has already become a name and current form indicates that the new Doctor is often somebody who has not had a major movie career up until they got the spot.

The favourite in the betting, at the time of writing, is Peter Capaldi. He has featured in many television series' like The Thick Of It. He also made an appearance in the Dr. Who spin-off, Torchwood. Whether that works for or against his appointment will be known Sunday night.

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