Friday, August 16, 2013

Virgin Media & BT Sport Say 'Deal!'

Sports fans, who are also Virgin Media subscribers, can finally rejoice. BT Sport is now available on the platform.

BT and Virgin have reached an agreement and the channels are already on the channel list.

Customers who subscribe to the XL TV Package will have BT Sports 1 & 2 and ESPN added to theor deal. Subscribers to other television packages can add the BT Sport pack for an additional fiften pounds a month.

The channels can be found on the following numbers:

529 - ESPN
530 - ESPN HD
547 - BT Sport 1
548 - BT Sport 2
549 - BT Sport 1 HD
550 - BT Sport 2 HD

This is brilliant news. I was not looking forward to missing out on all the sport that BT had signed itself up for.

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