Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bursting Cotton Candy Bubblicious' Bubble

I had been following the story on former New England Patriot - Aaron Hernandez - and was intrigued to hear that one of the pieces of evidence against him in the shooting of Odin Lloyd was that he had bought Cotton Candy flavoured bubble gum in the hours leading up to the alleged murder.

No, I wasn't intrigued in the fact that bubble gum wrappers are being used in his prosecution. I was curious as to what the gum tasted like.

I ordered a packet of Bubblicious from an online sweet shops to give it a try.

I was not impressed.

Firstly, the gum was blue in colour. I guess there must be a blue coloured candy floss in the USA, and if there is, this gum might taste like it.

I say it 'might' because, from my experience of chewing pink and white candy floss when I was a child, the gum tasted nothing like my preconceived idea on what cotton candy gum should taste like.

In my opinion, grape bubble gum is still king of the imported gum.

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