Wednesday, July 24, 2013

His Name Was Earl

Earlier this year, I got hooked on My Name is Earl after it started airing at 6pm on the channel Five Star.

I often end up watching that channel around that time as it coincided with the time it took the oven to cook my food. For the past few years, Malcolm in the Middle had been the American comedy airing at that time and I had grown tired of it as it felt like I had seen the entire run of the series at least three times.

If not four.

So, when Earl made its appearance on Five Star, I welcomed the change.

It was so easy to like the programme. It's about an American trailer park resident who wins $100,000 on a lottery scratch card but - as he is celebrating his win - is run over by a car. His ticket is lost and, as he is recuperating in hospital, he learns about karma. Figuring that all the bad he has done in his life is the cause for his latest setback, he decides to set things right by writing down a list of the bad he has done and to go and make amends. By the end of the pilot episode, the scratch card finds its way back to Earl. He then dedicates his winnings to settling all the misdeeds he has done in his life.

It seemed that, as soon as I began enjoying it a lot, the channel decided to play Malcolm in the Middle again. I was not happy.

So, what did I do?

I bought the box set!

It may seem a mad idea (not as mad as writing down a list of things I have done wrong, though) but what I did was watch an episode at 6pm each day instead of watching Malcolm in the Middle.

It was a long run. I think it was 94 or ninety-six episodes in total but I completed it last week.

I loved the first two seasons. The third was dreadful but things got better again by the fourth and final year.

It's a shame the show was cancelled because I believe it had so many other routes it could have taken.

Don't ask me what I am going to do at 6pm from now on. I have no idea.

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