Monday, July 22, 2013

More Nonstop Drama

Just the other day, I made the prediction that Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is not long for this world. The weekend gave strength to my argument.

On Saturday night, at a house show in Cape Girardeau in Missouri, a number of wrestlers were pulled from the show by the Missouri State Athletic Commission due to them being unlicensed to wrestle.

One of the wrestlers disallowed from performing was current TNA World champion, Chris Sabin.

As a goodwill gesture, the company offered refunds at the start of show. They also allowed those that stayed the opportunity to meet-and-greet the wrestlers for free afterwards.

Goodwill aside, this company is proving time and time again that it isn't being run properly.

I witnessed this sort of mismanagement during World Championship Wrestling's dying days albeit without last minute problems with athletic commissions. TNA wins that one hands down.

The difference between WCW and TNA is that WCW had a major TV powerhouse (Time Warner) funding its losses before they pulled the plug.

Unless something is done soon, history looks set to repeat itself.

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