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Money In The Bank 2013 Betting Tips

For the first time in quite a while, I thought up a really good blog post title and wanted to dedicate the post to the reasons why I feel Wade Barrett should win one of the Money in the Bank matches at tonight's WWE Pay-Per-View, err, Money In The Bank.

The idea was so simple. The title 'A Brief Case For - And Against - Wade Barrett' looked so good in my mind. Those darn bookmakers had to spoil it by putting up betting markets on tonight's event so I am going to have to cover every single match and use the not so catchy 'Money In The Bank 2013 Betting Tips' as today's title.

I suppose, like WWE, we'll start with the dark match.

The Shield .vs. The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Titles

This match is the one they are giving away for free online. You know what I wrote in the past about them usually letting the babyfaces win in these matches so as to entice viewers to purchase the event? Well, this may be the exception to the rule. The Shield (1/50) are heavy favourites in this. I cannot see The Usos winning the titles. I guess the smart play here is to avoid this match but I am somewhat tempted with the 12/1 odds on the babyfaces because they could win via disqualification which will mean Rollins and Reigns retain the title belts. It is a long longshot, though.

Tip : If you want a gamble with a small stake, I'd go with The Usos (12/1 Sky Bet, Paddy Power, William Hill)

A.J. Lee .vs. Kaitlyn for the WWE Divas Title

I can't see anything other than an A.J. win here. The current odds indicate it, too.

Tip : A.J. Lee (1/10 Sky Bet)

Curtis Axel .vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship

They're not going to have Axel lose the belt after just a few weeks.

Tip : Curtis Axel (1/40 Paddy Power)

Ryback .vs. Chris Jericho

Interestingly, this was the match that should have happened at WrestleMania as Jericho returned to put him over. Instead, Jericho lost to Fandango and Ryback worked against Mark Henry at the big event. Now a heel, Ryback needs a win following last month's loss to John Cena. A defeat will not hurt Chris Jericho. Once again, the odds are not pretty.

Tip : Ryback (1/14 Sky Bet)

Dolph Ziggler .vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title

This one is puzzling. I can make a case for both right now. Del Rio won the belt from Ziggler last month. Since then, Ziggler has been a babyface and Del Rio's ring announcer - Ricardo Rodriquez - was legitimately suspended for thirty days following a wellness violation. On one hand, I can argue that Del Rio's act is limited without his ring announcer and I can see the writers believe the same way. Then, on hand number two, I can see them sticking with the recently crowned champion for a little while longer because they like the babyface chasing for the belt. With all that noted, I am going with Ziggler. And here's why - if they don't want to put the belt on him right now, they can have him win the match via DQ or countout. By doing this, they will keep the belt on Del Rio and have an excuse to give Ziggler another rematch down the line. Another aside is the fact that the SmackDown Money in the Bank match is going to be contested by heels. Could a heel cash in against a babyface Ziggler immediately afterwards?

Tip : Dolph Ziggler (5/1 William Hill)

John Cena .vs. Mark Henry for the WWE Championship

The rumour that has been going around for a while is that John Cena .vs. Daniel Bryan is a planned program. The match was supposed to have taken place at tonight's event. Updated speculation has the match booked for SummerSlam. The question is 'how will they get there?' Does John Cena retain the title here leaving Bryan to be victorious in the Raw Money in the Bank match and then use his title shot for SummerSlam? Will Mark Henry secure victory and lose to whoever wins the Raw briefcase before the show ends? So many questions. I feel the result of this bout depends on where it is in the match order. We won't know where it is listed until it happens, though! If it's the last match of the night, I wouldn't be surprised to see a scenario play out involving whoever won the immediate title shot in the Raw MITB match.

Tip : Slight lean on Mark Henry (6/1 William Hill)

The SmackDown Money In The Bank Match

Seven wrestlers will take part in this match. As noted above, each participant is a heel which makes one believe that they will cash in their immediate title shot against a babyface champion (that's why I am leaning on Dolph Ziggler to either win tonight or further down the road). For weeks, I have had a feeling that it's Wade Barrett's time to be once again in contention to be a world champion. The opportunity for the writers to get behind him again is tonight. They don't have to put the belt on him just yet, they can have him carry the briefcase around for a few months. It's worth noting there are two guys in the match that are regarded higher than Barrett in who the company would like to win. The previous few sentences was a 'Brief Case For - And Against - Wade Barrett'. Hey, at least I got it in somewhere.  Damien Sandow (EVS with Paddy Power) and Antonio Cesaro (9/1 with Sky Bet) are the pair who I can see being winners over Barrett. Due to be conflicted in who to pick, I'm going to make two bets on the outcome of this match.

Tips: Wade Barrett (11/4 Sky Bet)
Antonio Cesaro (9/1 Sky Bet)

The Raw Money In The Bank Match

Randy Orton (4/6 Paddy Power) is the favourite. I'm not feeling it, though. Daniel Bryan is the second favourite at 11/4 (Sky Bet) and, basing my judgement on what I have written above, he should be the main pick. Ironically, one of the things working against Daniel Bryan being successful is that he has won a MITB match before. One of the things in favour of Bryan repeating is that CM Punk is a two-time winner. Speaking of Punk (16/1 Sky Bet), he is set to wrestle Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam so he isn't worth considering as a victor tonight. The other participants in order of where I see their chances of winning are - Rob Van Dam (16/1 Sky Bet) Sheamus (20/1 William Hill), and Christian (50/1 Sky Bet).

Tip: Daniel Bryan (11/4 Sky Bet)

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