Sunday, June 02, 2013

Who Won The Premier League Season Handicap Table 2012/13?

The Premier League season handicap market was settled a fortnight ago and I totally forgot about posting the results on the blog until yesterday afternoon.

As 'Premier League season handicap betting' is one of the phrases that lands people to the blog, it's only fair that I update the information for the past season just to give bettors an idea of how the season panned out.

Before I start, it's clarification time:

Season handicap betting works by adding every team's points head start (handicap) to their end of season total to calculate the final handicap result.

Manchester United were victorious not only in the actual league but also in the season handicap league when each teams points were tallied up with the head start points the bookmakers gave them at the start of the year.

The Red Devils' 91 points topped the table. Interestingly, the three teams below them all landed on 89 points. I settled the top of the table out by goal difference to put the teams in order - Everton, Swansea, West Ham.

I had a bet on Reading. They didn't fare at all in either the real or handicap league.

Here is how the season handicap table looked according to my calculations. I've placed the head start points in parenthesis because the numbers I used may differ from bookmaker to bookmaker:

1. Man Utd (2) 91pts
2. Everton (26) 89pts
3. Swansea (43) 89pts
4. West Ham (43) 89pts
5. WBA (39) 88pts
6. Norwich (44) 88pts
7. Tottenham (15) 87pts
8. Southampton (46) 87pts
9. Arsenal (9) 82pts
10. Chelsea (6) 81pts
11. Wigan (44) 80pts
12. Liverpool (19) 80pts
13. Stoke (37) 79pts
14. Man City (0) 78pts
15. Fulham (35) 78pts
16. Aston Villa (36) 77pts
17. Reading (46) 74pts
18. Sunderland (35) 74pts
19. Newcastle (26) 67pts
20. QPR (39) 64pts

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