Monday, May 13, 2013

Ziggler's Concussion And What The Future Must Hold

I wasn't that surprised when I heard that current world champion, Dolph Ziggler, was injured during the Smackdown taping this past Tuesday night.

Ziggler has been quite the bumper and there have been times when I have seen him take some ridiculous tumbles.

Ironically, the concussion was apparently caused by a kick from Jack Swagger and had nothing to do with the bump-taking.

So, why am I concerning myself with the bumping?


Now that Ziggler has suffered a major concussion ('retrograde amnesia' doesn't sound minor does it?), he should take extra care in the way he works in future.

If there is anything we have learned from all the investigations into sporting concussions in recent years, it's that excessive bouts of concussions have lead to major health issues and death.

He isn't expected back until he passes tests. If - or rather when - he does come back, I hope he holds back just a little bit.

It'll be worth it in the long-run.

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