Thursday, May 16, 2013

'No Championship Or Survival Sunday.. What Are We Gonna Do?'

With the third - and final - Premier League relegation position being sewn up by Wigan Athletic and the Manchester United title crowning taking place on the penultimate game week of the season, the Premier League chiefs appear to be in a spot where they have to think of a good storyline for this coming weekend's finale.

And they found it in the unlikely event of Arsenal and Chelsea both finishing the weekend on the same goal difference and points.

According to The Sun yesterday, the Premier League are hoping that Arsenal don't win 2-1 against Newcastle and Chelsea's game against Everton ends a 0-0 draw because it will mean both The Gunners and The Blues will have to face-off in a third and fourth place decider.

This is quite the non-story, in my opinion. Just something to sell interest in the final set of games.

And if it weren't - shouldn't other things be taken into account? You know, like goals against or, better yet, which team out of the two has the better head-to-head results.

If we used my logic (also known as 'common sense'), Chelsea would win as they have beaten Arsenal both home and away this year.

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