Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Take On How The Austin Aries Controversy Was Handled

I never watch TNA Wrestling. I read about what is going on in the promotion but hardly ever find the strength to go out of my way to watch an episode or pay-per-view event.

I ended up having to watch something from TNA this week, though.

There was a lot of talk about what Austin Aries did to Christy Hemme. I wanted to see it for myself and gauge my own opinion.

For those that do not know, Hemmer was doing the ring introductions. She made a mistake by calling Aries, and his tag team partner, Bobby Roode by their opponents name. Aries picked up his pace and walked into the ring and cornered Hemme. He got her to say their names correctly then - with Hemme stuck between Aries and the turnbuckles - the wrestler climbed to the second rope raising his arms in the air and with his crotch in Hemme's face.

Hemme made a nervous laugh and continued doing what she was doing. Later that night, someone had tweeted her asking about the situation. Her response was simple.


The tweet was deleted not so long afterwards.

If this were any other profession, you would expect some kind of punishment levied to Aries for such an act.

It took a lot of criticism until TNA addressed the situation. Dixie Carter went to Twitter to inform her followers that the company takes actions like that seriously and that they dealt with the matter immediately.

Problem is - this Tweet was sent five days after the incident. Not fast enough, in my opinion.

And to those who will say I am in the wrong, you only need to read what Aries had written in the hours, and days, following the incident. He was defending himself and claiming he was the victim.

That's not the actions of somebody who had immediately had his knuckles wrapped and forced to apologise.

It's moments like this that reinforces why I cannot follow TNA. I would call it a Mickey Mouse organisation but that would be insulting to Disney.

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