Wednesday, May 08, 2013

More On The Office Angle From Raw

I finally got through Monday's episode of WWE Raw and thought I would make an additional comment or two on the angle that featured Brock Lesnar smashing up Triple H's office to build to their cage match in a few weeks.

When I had originally heard of the angle on Monday afternoon and saw a picture on Twitter, I assumed it was from a makeshift office that they always have backstage at the television tapings. This was not the case as it was filmed at WWE headquarters in Connecticut.

It made for an interesting angle not just for what they did to the office.

There was a subtle hint towards the Brock Lesnar versus The Rock match that appears to still be up in the air right now. This was done when Lesnar was walking along the corridor of Titan Towers and stopped to look at the Royal Rumble 2013 poster - featuring Dwayne Johnson's face - that was hanging on the wall.

As for the actual intention of the angle - to build to Triple H versus Lesnar, I suppose it made good use of Lesnar without having him live at the arena.

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