Monday, April 01, 2013

This & That

I have sat at this Blogger interface screen for hours typing and deleting.

I've written a lot but have deleted more, if that makes sense.
* * *

The original plan was to do an April Fools Day joke like I have done on here in the past. I changed my mind yesterday afternoon when something I read online was brought to my attention.

You see, it was ten years since 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin last wrestled and I wanted to make mention of that time because I missed seeing that bout live because I was going through a bad time and was too sick to stay up and watch WrestleMania XIX. If you know me well, the fact I couldn't stay up to watch WrestleMania should indicate just how bad I was.

I wanted to write about how I woke up the following morning and struggled to watch the event but found it even harder to eat the Weetabix my body clock was not allowing me to hunger for.

It truly was a bad time and I still get bad memories whenever I see anything to do with WrestleMania XIX.

I wanted to end the post today by saying my eating is back to where it should be and I am looking forward to staying up to catch WrestleMania XXIX this Sunday.

But then I worked out the dates and realised I am a day too late.

WrestleMania XIX took place on March 30th. I should have written what I wanted to yesterday.

* * *

 I went to bed last night knowing I had to be on guard as soon as I woke up.

The first thing my father said to me was 'the shower isn't working'.

'What is wrong with it?' I asked him.

Yep. Fooled again.

* * *

WrestleMania betting odds are now available. I saw them on William Hill yesterday night but they seem to have been taken down for the time being. Put it this way, I wasn't impressed with the odds.

* * *

I've been taking part in a basketball betting contest and have made it to the final play-off.

I do not know a thing about basketball. All I have been doing is picking teams based on the pointspread.

After all the years I have spent trying to work out American football pointspread betting, it seems that the stick the tail on the donkey approach seems to be the way to go.

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