Monday, April 08, 2013

Quick Mania Thoughts

It's 3:52am and WrestleMania XXIX finished just a few moments ago and I'm going to share with you some thoughts before I head off to bed.

It wasn't the best WrestleMania that I have ever seen. It certainly wasn't the worst.

The match I liked the best was the one between CM Punk and The Undertaker. It's ironic that this ended being my favourite when you consider I was very critical of the tasteless angles that were featured on the TV shows building up to the match.

I did end up having a bet on the show.  It was a late decision where I thought I'd end up enjoying the event a little bit more if I had a wager on it. I did a Goliath bet for £24.70 and selected all the choices I had picked out in the blog post earlier this week. All the selections except for Triple H. I went against logic and settled for Brock Lesnar. Out of all the eight matches on my betting slip guess which one was the only loser? Yep.

I'll check my betting account tomorrow to see how I did.

I enjoyed part of the main event between John Cena and The Rock. They really should have ended it when they teased John Cena doing the People's Elbow on The Rock (playing off how Cena lost last year) only for Cena to trick The Rock and not go for it. I think that would have been a good twist to the redemption theme.

I guess that's the last we'll ever see of The Rock as WWE champion.

Oh yeah - what the hell was up with the crowd chanting 'boring' during the opening part of the main event? Wow.

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