Thursday, April 25, 2013

Great Brit Hope?

I got back to reading about the NFL over the past week due to the release of next season's schedules as well as the fact that the draft is taking place this weekend.

One of the stories that grabbed my attention is that of British Olympian - Lawrence Okoye - making an attempt to secure a career in the NFL.

The press seem to be raving about the discus-thrower's ability and there are hopes that he will be drafted.

The only problem is - this guy has never played a competitive game of American football in his life.

That is going to work against him.

I cannot see any general manager taking a gamble on him in the draft.

I'm not ruling him out of getting a spot on a team through free agency or something. I'm just not buying into the possibility he could be drafted when there are potentials who have played the sport at college and have a grasp of the game.

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