Monday, April 29, 2013

Going Down

I've written it year-after-year and I shall once again. To me, the relegation battle in the Premier League is more exciting than seeing which team will be crowned champions.

Okay, the 2011/12 season is exempt from that statement.

Back to 2013.

Reading and Queens Park Rangers were both sent packing yesterday so it is now looking like Wigan (32 points) or Aston Villa (34 points) will be the third team to find themselves playing Championship football for the 2013/14 season.

Villa play Sunderland tonight. This is going to be quite an interesting match as the Black Cats are hovering above the relegation zone with thirty-seven points. Put it this way, both will need to win tonight. Villa need it more, though.

Newcastle United are also on thirty-seven points.

I haven't supported the Magpies for many years. However, I cannot shake off the feeling that - out of all the sides that could potentially fall down - it will be Newcastle.

I arrived at this thought once Cardiff City won promotion.

As a teenager, I always wanted to see Cardiff vs Newcastle in the Premier League so the irony that Newcastle go down in the season that Cardiff go up is something I would not find the least bit surprising.

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