Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Competitive Times

There was one thing I seemed to have not mentioned on this blog during the American football season and that is to do with me playing a small part in the LVH Supercontest.

The LVH Supercontest is something that I have followed for the past four or five years. It's a gambling competition where the entrants have to select five teams against the spread each week during the regular season. The top twenty players get paid part of the prizepool with the overall winner getting around $700,000 (I think!).

Over the summer of 2012, a person I know online - who lives in Las Vegas - was looking for people to pay in a certain amount of money towards the $1,500 entry fee.

I roped my friend into joining me by going halves on a fifty dollar entry.

All the people who had paid were allowed to vote their picks in with the five top picks each week ended up being our contest entry.

We started off abysmally going 1-4. The following week, we evened things up by going 4-1.

It didn't end well.

After being close to the top twenty during the middle stage, we fell out of contention as the season began its descent.

Some people may call it a 'bad investment'. However, I didn't enter believing we would win. I genuinely wanted in just to play a part in the contest that I had been interested in for many years. I got to do that so that's good enough for me.

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