Thursday, July 19, 2012

B.S. On My T.V.

I have found yet another television programme that has tried its best to insult my intelligence.

The series in question is something I believe to be called 'The World's Strictest Parents'.The concept is this - get two unruly children and put them in the care of strict parents in another country for a week.

As you would expect, these troublesome kids cause a lot of shenanigans and the parents try their hardest to get them to toe the line.

It's absolute B.S. - if you ask me.

In the two episodes that I have seen, I get the impression that the children are acting up for the camera.

The thing that really drives it over the edge for me is at the end of the two episodes I've watched. The exact same thing happened - the children become decent citizens.


You couldn't have written a better script.

On second thoughts...

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