Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yes & No : Should Cena Turn Heel?

I'm going to do something different today and look at two sides to a question that has been asked quite a lot recently and that is: 'Should John Cena turn heel?'

The reason why this question has been more prominent over the past few weeks is due to the fact that Cena is teaming up with The Rock at the Survivor Series pay-per-view tonight.


- Some people are speculating that Cena's change in shorts (denim to camouflage) could be a signifier towards him changing from babyface to heel. Yes, it's clutching at straws but it's something to consider.

- If Cena does turn heel then tonight has to be the night. His match with The Rock at next year's WrestleMania should be huge and it will play off a lot better with an obvious hero or villain for the crowd to side with.

- John Cena has been a babyface since 2004 (or maybe late 2003) and so him switching sides could be a refreshing change to his character. When Hulk Hogan turned heel in 1996, it was at a time when his popularity was dimming. His heel turn created an upswing to WCW's business and made them the number one wrestling company for a few years.


- WWE would be stupid to turn their number one drawing star when he is generating so much money for them.

- Let the fans decide who to cheer and who to boo in Florida next April.

- Cena as a heel could damage the WWE iu the long-run. It would be equivalent to turning Hulk Hogan during the middle of the Hulkamania era.

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