Saturday, April 09, 2011

The National

It's the Grand National later on today and I am still undecided on which horse I'll be betting on.

I already have a Grand National  bet on, though.

While listening to the radio yesterday morning, I heard one of the marketing people from a well-known betting office say they have a special bet on the National.

As Alex Ferguson's horse is racing and Manchester United will playing Fulham at the same time, their offer is for the Red Devils to score at any point during the time the race was being run.

I wanted a piece of that bet. 6/1 is great odds.

I ended up having to phone the company as I couldn't find the selection on their website. The operator didn't know what I was going on about so took my phone number and said she would call me back when she found out more.

The lady phoned a few hours later and placed £5 on it for me.

I haven't got an idea on the horse I'll be betting on.

My nephew is here this weekend so I'll get him to select one as well. He picked the winner last year - maybe I should copy him this time.

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