Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kinder Surprise 1986

I don't know for sure but I'd hazard a guess and say that Kinder Surprise eggs have been around since I was four years old.

I remember the first time my mother bought one. I don't recall what was in it, though.

The toys inside them were fiddly little things. You had to read the small piece of paper that was inside the plastic egg and pray that you had an idea what the directions were.

Easter of 1986 was the funniest Kinder Surprise moment in my house. It was all about Pique.

Don't you remember who Pique was?

It was the mascot of the Mexico '86 World Cup. A jalapeno pepper with a bushy moustache and wearing a sombrero.

Pique was the third shiny in the Mexico '86 sticker book as well. I spent all summer trying to add that sticker to my collection but my mission failed.

Had I wanted Pique toys in my Kinder Surprise that Easter, I would have succeeded.

And then some.

Every single bloody egg had Pique in them!

My sister wasn't so lucky with her box of eggs, either. The mascot was inside all of hers as well.

Late edit - After typing this up, I decided to search Google for Pique Kinder toys and was amazed to see the item listed at $99.99 in an Ebay auction! Wow.

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