Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The First Game

The NFL will release the schedule for the 2011 season at 12am tomorrow morning (UK time).

The season is still up in the air due to the labour dispute between the league and its de-certified Players' Union so this release may end up being for nought.

One of the interesting revelations is that there will be a season game played at Wembley Stadium.

As it's already known that it will be the Chicago Bears against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I have decided make a prediction on what the opening game will be - should everything be right at the beginning of September.

Picking team one of the launch game is easy. The Super Bowl champions will be there without question. The only opponent I think will be ideal is the team they beat to make it to the big game.

Da Bears.

The NFC Championship game was controversial due to Bears' quarterback - Jay Cutler - being forced to retire early due to an injury. In the seconds following the Bears' loss, Cutler's commitment to the team was put into question.

On a personal level, I was angry as well having placed a five pounds each-way bet on the Bears to be Super Bowl winners at odds of 40/1.

The NFL has a story to sell with this game. Chicago will be looking to avenge this loss but, more importantly, the star of this tale could be Jay Cutler himself

Green Bay will surely have a say in proceedings.

We'll find out later on tonight whether I am right in this guess.

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