Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'Yo, I Am In Tha Dark'

What a night.

At around midnight last night, the entire area around me was hit by a power outage and we didn't get anything back up until just before 6am.

I called the emergency helpline to report the fault from the Skype app on my iPhone as all the telephone lines were down as well and was told they were aware of the fault and they were working on it. He guessed it would be around 3am before we got the electricity back.

Bad guess.

I woke up after sleeping for a little over three hours and we were still in darkness. I was using my iPod and iPhone at certain parts of the night to guide my way through the dark. Looking out the window was eerie as there was no sign of life, even from the streetlights that are there.

Full service (sort of) was resumed at 6am - as I have already noted - but it went out again for an hour not so long later.

We were then hit by another cut at 9am.

The Internet, TV and phones weren't working until just a few minutes ago so I have nabbed this opportunity to make a post to ensure my streak continues.

Taylor 1 Power outage 0.

I have said it before - it's going to take an act of God to stop my continuous run of daily posts.

Is a longer power cut an act of God?

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