Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Odds On Vince McMahon's Announcement

When this post is published, it wi will be two hours before the start of Monday Night Raw where we will learn who the special host of WrestleMania.

I speculated last week that it was Justin Bieber and I am still going to take that as my guess. However, a new name has been placed into the mix - The Rock.

Steve Austin and Bob Barker have also been rumoured but Bieber and The Rock are the joint favourites in my very own book.

And before I get offers - it's just for fun!

Justin Bieber 6/4
The Rock 6/4
Steve Austin 3/1
Bob Barker 4/1
Ted Turner 7/1
Shawn Michaels 8/1
JBL 10/1
Simon Cowall 25/1
Aaron Rodgers 30/1
The Ultimate Warrior 60/1
'Macho Man' Randy Savage 1000/1

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