Saturday, September 02, 2006

Un-nifty Fifty

I came 50th in the APAT Italian Amateur Poker Open this evening.There were 208 entrants and I lasted until just before the third hour of play.

I was knocked out when I was the Big Blind and had pocket deuces. The Small Blind had raised and I went all-in as I felt he hadn't got a pair. He turned over a king and a queen and hit his second king on the flop and, to add insult to injury, he hit his third on the turn.

Despite my poor position at the end I feel I played a good game. I must have to last the amount of time I did!

There was a classic exchange between myself and another player. He was telling everyone he was going to a poker tournament in another country. Someone asked him if he was buying in himself or had won a satellite to the event. He responded telling them he was a writer for World Poker Tour Magazine.

I didn't believe him.

I had the latest issue delivered this morning so it was beside me. I checked out the list of contributers and there was nobody listed with the name he had (Dino). I decided I would bluff him and told him I knew the editor.

The player responded with a random name that didn't fit the one that appeared in the pages of the magazine and I replied with; 'No, that's not him this guy's name is Steve'.

The bluffer must have had his copy there as well and a few moments later he said; 'Ah, Steve Lipscomb'.

I agreed that that was his name and he remained quiet for the rest of the game.

About ninety minutes after the conversation I was dealt an ace and a queen. It was me and the player in the pot and another queen came out on the flop. I checked and then 'Dino' went all-in. I called. He showed ace king. No King came out to save him and he was eliminated from the game.

I chuckled to myself and typed; 'good game, Dino. Tell Steve I said hi' as the screen announced he was out of the tournament.

I couldn't help it.

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