Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Boss

I was in work yesterday and my friend asked whether I was going to play poker in the evening. I told him I would probably play in the $5 Freezeout on Ladbrokes but wasn't sure.

When I logged in later that day I saw him playing in the Ladbrokes cash tables and joined the game with $5. Within an hour or so I had made around $40.

Sean was playing some hands and ending up getting some bad beats and continued adding more money to the table to play catch up.

I was dealt an A 2 and the flop came out with another two 2's so I had three of a kind plus an ace kicker. I was favourite to win the hand there and then.

But my boss went all in! I knew he wasn't going to win against me and I thought about it but decided to fold the hand. I didn't want to rinse him out so he couldn't play any more that evening.

It reminded me of that episode of The Simpsons when they had a fair at the power plant and Mr. Burns always had to win the sack race because the workers feared of the consequences if they won.

Of course, I didn't fear for my job or the backlash of what would have happened if I had cleaned him out of that hand but it got me thinking how some people would face similar circumstances at higher risk tables with a lot more than their job on the line. I was only set to pocket $10 from that hand so it wasn't a life or death situation.

A little later on I had lost $30 and was hanging on to my last $10 and ended up in another situation with him. I had the high pair after the flop. He ended up chasing an ace all the way to the river and hit a straight.

By letting him chase - I let him win. Homer would have done the same.

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