Sunday, May 21, 2006

May 19th

You can't fault the WWE publicity department. When they have an idea their machine goes into overdrive and makes profit. Or, in failing profit, it leaves a mark.

The WWE have just released their first Hollywood movie (well, it's their second movie if you want to play trivia as No Holds Barred was made in 1989). The film stars Kane (Glenn Jacobs) in a film about a hotel owner who goes on a killing spree terrorising teenagers. Without having seen it myself I guess it must be a cross between Nightmare on Elm Street, Psycho, Saw and Friday the Thirteenth.

I don't think it will stand a chance.

It had a bad start running out of the blocks too as the release coincided with The Da Vinci Code which is sure to be one of the most profitable films of the year. Yet, what See No Evil has that The Da Vinci Code will never have is the mastermind of Vince McMahon who will pull out all the stops to ensure his ventures work. Even if they ultimately fail (XFL anyone?).

In the weeks leading up to the release the Raw Superstar Kane began having voices sounding off in his head (and also on the PA in the arena so the fans can hear it too) with the echo saying 'May 19th'. He would go crazy screaming at the voices to shut up. It eventually led to him turning heel and attacking anyone who uttered the words 'May 19th'.

So what was so special about the date? I am not sure what it had in storyline sense but it did coincide with the release of Kane's movie debut and it was etched on the mind of every wrestling fan's mind for the last 6 weeks or so.

It also worked on me as well.

I was walking home from work yesterday evening and a random man pulled me aside and asked me 'what is the date today?' I didn't even have to think about it. I knew straight away and told him. I then walked away with a little chuckle to myself knowing that any other time I would have had to consult my mobile phone to ensure I knew what the exact date was.

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