Friday, April 21, 2006

Singles Night

There is an interesting tournament taking place on Spin Palace Poker tonight being held in conjunction with Poker Player Magazine and Poker Night Live Channel. 

The tourney is called the 'TV Shootout' and involves a series of single table tournaments being played at 8.30 tonight. The top two players in each of the 32 STT's then proceed to another round of single table tournaments taking place at 10.30 until it is filtered down to 8 players. 

Then, at midnight. the final eight are in a table with a $1,000 prize pool. The winner is also awarded a place in a live game to be played at a later date. 

As this is involving Poker Night Live, you can watch it on SKY channel 843 or on the net at

Cheer me on! 

 (UPDATE : I just crashed out early after having a pair of two's on the Big Blind and called an all-in bet from a loose player. I knew he was playing with any high card and my suspicion was proved right when he turned over a Queen and King. He ended up hitting a further two kings on the board thus knocking me out.)

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