Thursday, February 02, 2006

Chopped Souey

I was glad that Newcastle United and Graeme Souness parted company earlier today.

I have been a Magpies fan for years and the last few months under Souness' reign has been aggravating to say the very least.

My favourite managers over the last few years have been Kevin Keegan and Bobby Robson. The other two managers, Kenny Dalglish and Ruud Gullit, ruined my enjoyment of the team with the way they went about with their releasing some of my favourite players and disrupting the team as a whole.

Graeme Souness has also done this. He brought in a host of players who to be quite blunt have not been worth the money. Sure, injuries have played a key role in the failure at St James' Park but there are ways around problems like that and Mr Souness didn't prove to have what it takes to handle the job when things were going badly.

Glenn Roeder and Alan Shearer are the current interim managers and that is what they will stay as both haven't got the requirements to be managers under UEFA law. This means they can only hold this position for three months. I wonder who will also be looking for work in the next three months?

I know of one guy who will be looking for work as soon as the summer is nearly over. He is 15/2 on to be named the next Newcastle boss and I think it is worth a little punt. All Sven has to do is stay away from fake sheiks on the Tyne in the meantime.

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